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Welcome to public college about Director

Sri. Saji Nanthiiyattu has been running a Private College named Kottayam Public College for last Thirty Four years at Kottayam. With his devotion, creative methods and the hard working disposition of his faculties, his institution became a landmark and the most leading private college in Kerala.

From the former stages of his education, he adored himself with various positions like School Leader, College Union Chairman, Magazine Sub-Editor, College Union General Secretary and University Union Councillor.

He is conducting various academic courses like Tenth standard, Plus two, Degree and P.G. level classes. Besides, there are job oriented courses like B.B.A, B.C.A, Travel and Tourism Air Lines, Lab Technician, Nursery Teachers Training Course etc. In addition to the main college at Kottayam, we have branches at Ernakulam (Cochin)and Haripad

We would like to reveal this fact that his mind got inclined towards art. He is deeply interested in music. There was a time when he sang Malayalam songs in many stage programmes and in various T.V. Serials. He also acted in Serials and Movies. Due to his high interest in art, he produced four serial and five movies entitled 'Five Fingers', 'Wishadom', 'Chacko Randaman' 'Calender' and 'Cherukkanum Pennum' with leading artists. Also elected as Secretary Film Chamber of commerce, President Film Distributors Association.  His literary career began from an early age. The articles he wrote were published in main Malayalam periodicals. His stories are serialized many a time. If it is taken as a compliment, we would like to say that he writes lyrics, composes it and performed before the public.

Being a humanist, he loves mankind. As he belonged to a middle class family and coming from a humble position, he has high consideration to the have-nots. Whenever he gets chance and time, he would work for them. He always looks at the needs of the poor. He allows fee concession to the students who are coming from wretched conditions. As a part of his social work, he gave food, dress and study materials to the children who live in orphanage. As a true teacher, he gave special classes to the below average students and make them pass the examinations with high marks. He is an epitome of affection and ethical values.

Now he is 50 years old. He believes he can fulfill more dreams. His venture is to help poor and make our society a better place for them to live in. Sufferings of the poor people should be wiped out completely. People would enjoy the fresh air of equality and social justice. These are some of his dreams to be fulfilled in future. For all these qualities, he was awarded Rotary International Award and Private College Welfare Association Award. Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award, 

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