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Greetings From the Director

     Dear Well Wishers,

With the grace of Almighty,  PUBLIC COLLEGE is passing through its 34th year of glitter. I acknowledge the whole-hearted support and co-operation rendered by former students and their parents to this temple of education. They have raised this institution from a seed to a very big banyan tree.

"Education is the temple of light,

The light which removes ignorance.''

"An institution is the lengthened shadow of an individual '' 

 Says, Emerson.

Education is not merely learning from the books, but it is an over all development of body, mind and soul . Our aim is to impart a sound education through a wide training which shall develop the character and personality of each student and there by bring out best citizens.

Education is the birthright of every child. A child is born with immense potentialities and the centre of every learning activity. The physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strengths are the four pillars of education. According to Amos Bronson Alcott (A reformer, teacher  and philosopher) “observation more than books, experience more than persons, are the prime educators” while academic excellence is our major thrust, the public college is also devoted to prepare our students for life, groom them  to face the challenges of tomorrow and encourage them to be socially relevant. We constantly work to develop a sense of discipline and good moral character and to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity and  fortitude.

The public college will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and radiating  kindness and compassion as it soars high in its pursuit of academic excellence and in the fulfillment of the school motto. Yes “together we learn, together we public”.

We concentrate on productive and creative education and to improve the knowledge and skill of students to make them better citizens fully equipped with all - round personality conductive for thriving as efficient professionals. We pay much attention to make every student competent and confident to encounter the challenges of the present day globalised world.

Hope to see you all well and cheerful